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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Curtain Raiser: Ideal Boy

Abhay:  Hi Seema as you know, we are opening a new debut solo "Ideal Boy" by Roshan Chhabria.
Seema:  Yes I am already thinking about a two-page curtain raiser. Roshan an Ideal Boy? It will be just perfect for the weekend edition.

A: That is fantastic Seema but just to clarify "Ideal Boy" is the title of his show and the preview at the gallery is this Thursday Oct 10th.
S: This I can so pitch to my editor. Finally an Ideal Boy after so much male bashing by Shobha and others. Imagine the headlines "Baroda boy shows Delhi and Mumbai how to keep it in his pants"

A (frustrated but not in that way):  Seema the artist is NOT an ideal boy. I mean he may or may not be ideal, but that is beside the point. (A continues without pausing for breath) Roshan re-examines the "ideal" in a changing and often contradictory landscape of social expectation, parental responsibilities, personal freedom and western influence on a boy growing up in middle-class India. It is all in the press release I sent you by email a few days ago.
S:  Oh I see, this is commentary on the middle-class.
A (Phew):  Yes exactly! a commentary on his middle-class surroundings that are both observed and experienced. Dichotomies in social customs and traditions that he presents as visual clusters with a healthy dose of irony and wit.

A:  It is his debut show, he is from out of town and it would be so wonderful if you did a story. I mean it would be so interesting and relevant to the majority of your readers who are also middle-class. 
S:  Shobha is not middle-class.
A:  No, but she is also not your average reader. She writes for the average reader. (the very average reader I mumble to myself).
S:  Are you suggesting that my paper is average?
A:  Absolutely not Seema. I was referring to the average reader who is middle-class. I am sorry but  you seem so distracted. Let's speak another time about the show.

S:  Aah the show. Until when is it on?
A:  November 9th so enough time for your readers to come and visit.
S:  Ok, I will try and catch it before it ends
A:  Ya. But, but what happened to the curtain raiser? You were so thrilled about it just moments ago.
S:  Abhay, personally I am very interested in what you do but off the records we don't really care about art or the middle-class. I mean we do because they are ones who buy our paper. But they want to read extraordinary stories about the rich and famous. The more debauched the better - scams, affairs, murder, rape. The dethroning of the King of good times is is what makes them feel good about their ordinary lives. This is what sells newspaper. This is what pays my salary.

A:  Yes, I get that but perhaps if you give your readers a chance. Maybe if you elevate the conversation to include more meaningful things. Art and music and and other agents of change. Inspirational stories of ordinary people - just like your readers. Stories of hope and creative expression…[S hastily interrupts] Sorry Abhay but I need to run. I have an interview with Mr. Dhody followed by a soiree with Mr. Modi.
A:  Yes of course. The real ideal boys!

This is a part of a series of fictitious conversations with the self which is as real as it is imagined! 

The apparent lack of engagement in the visual arts by the mainstream media in Mumbai continues to be one of the reasons contemporary art is still struggling to find a firm footing in contemporary life.